Sonne LED Lighting

Saving Earth is a huge responsibility! However, only a few companies have realised it and even fewer have focused their activities towards this cause. Richards Chemicals & Electricals (P) Ltd is one such company who started their operations in producing chemicals used in the recycling of paper and now has expanded its operations into energy conservation.

SONNE which means “The Sun” in German, is a new name for balance between innovation and quality and is setting new trends and exploring new horizons. We are a team of highly motivated and dynamic professionals going to great lengths to service the needs of our customers, be it an individual or a corporate. Assessing the diverse needs of our customers, be it a room in a house or an entire factory block, we have a great solution for you. Analysing needs, providing appropriate solutions and meeting the tight schedules is the way of life for SONNE.

With the prime motto of the highest level of Customer Satisfaction, team SONNE is working with the best and ethical business practices and comprehensive communication systems for an enduring relationship with the user.

SONNE, a new initiative, will surely go a long way in building a brand and servicing its clients, and in helping us do our bit to conserve our earth and make sure we leave it a better place for our children.